Cyber Threat solutions provider Cygilant hit by NetWalker Ransomware Attack


Cygilant, a Cybersecurity company that offers threat monitoring solutions, was hit by a NetWalker Ransomware attack. Although the ransomware variant hasn’t been confirmed yet, Christina Lattuca, the CFO of the security firm confirmed that a file encrypting malware attack hit a portion of the company’s technology environment.

Currently, Cygilant is working with the law enforcement firm and a 3rd party forensic expert to know more details about the impact of ransomware on its IT infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the IT staff of the company was quick enough to respond to the threat by taking measures to contain the malware spread.

“NetWalker Ransomware is a hackers group that leases out its Infrastructure for hackers to launch cyber attacks. It is a pay as you go service that has made Cygilant as its latest victim”, said Brett Callow, a ransomware expert and threat analysts at Emsisoft.

Note 1- NetWalker aka Mailto is a name assigned to a Windows Ransomware that has targeted private networks mostly till date. The malware first steals files and then encrypts data until a ransom is paid. And if the victim denies paying the ransom, the group threatens to put the data for sale on darkweb. Often such type of malware is distributed through phishing emails or malevolent apps circulating on the web.

Note 2- After the reports emerged about ransomware attack on Cygilant; the data on sale was removed from the dark web. And whether the Massachusetts based Cybersecurity firm paid any ransom to get back its data remains a mystery.