Divisive political climate stirs up hacktivist activity, and businesses are not immune

Pictured: Anti-mask protesters clash with Black Lives Matter counter-protesters in Columbus, Ohio last July. (Megan Jelinger/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) As the 2020 presidential election nears, the U.S. populace is as divided as it has been in a long time – and the tempestuous climate could lead to a surge in activity among hacktivists seeking […]

Feds Propose ‘911’ Emergency Call for Reporting Security Flaws; Experts Warn It’s Easier Said Than Done

CISA drafts directive to create a vulnerability disclosure policy for government websites and apps Agency seeks to centralize the effort via a standard vulnerability disclosure platform service next spring Cybersecurity veteran Katie Moussouris warns that the success of the directive largely hinges on triage and response The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has announced […]

Hidden Cobra APT Hackers Attack Japanese Organisations Via Obfuscation Malware & Remote SMB Tool

Recently, the hidden cobra APT threat actors attacked Japanese organizations through obfuscation malware. This malware downloads and administers all the modules, and then it’s saved as a .drv file in a folder like C:¥Windows¥System32¥ and operate as assistance. Hidden Cobra is also known as Lazarus is a North Korean APT hacker group that has been involved […]

Travel Industry Giants Failed to Secure their Websites Despite High-Profile Data Breaches, New Research Shows

Major airlines and hotel chains have failed to secure their online platforms even after previous data breaches and cyberattacks exposed information of millions of customers’ and drew fines from privacy regulators. That’s the conclusion of an investigation by Which?, which found hundreds of data security vulnerabilities on popular travel companies including Marriott, British Airways, and […]

Cyber losses are increasing in frequency and severity

Cyber attacks have increased in number and severity since the onset of the pandemic. The changes organizations implemented to facilitate remote work have given cybercriminals new opportunities to launch campaigns exploiting mass uncertainty and fear. Ransomware attack severity increases In fact, since the beginning of COVID-19, Coalition observed a 47% increase in the severity of […]

CEOs are being impersonated in massive email scams

More than 7,000 CEOs were impersonated since Covid-19 kicked off. (Image credit: Image Credit: Gustavo Frazao / Shutterstock) Business email compromise (BEC) attacks, a form of cyberattack in which a criminal impersonates an executive from a company and tries to scam either that company’s employees, customers or partners, has been blooming since the start of […]

Cyber Threat solutions provider Cygilant hit by NetWalker Ransomware Attack

    Cygilant, a Cybersecurity company that offers threat monitoring solutions, was hit by a NetWalker Ransomware attack. Although the ransomware variant hasn’t been confirmed yet, Christina Lattuca, the CFO of the security firm confirmed that a file encrypting malware attack hit a portion of the company’s technology environment. Currently, Cygilant is working with the […]

New web skimmer steals credit card data, sends to crooks via Telegram

The digital credit card skimming landscape keeps evolving, often borrowing techniques used by other malware authors in order to avoid detection. As defenders, we look for any kind of artifacts and malicious infrastructure that we might be able to identify to protect our users and alert affected merchants. These malicious artifacts can range from compromised […]

BEC Attack Payments Are on the Rise, Report Finds

Criminals look for higher BEC payments Gift card frauds are the most common BEC incidents One Russian BEC operation tries to hit companies with $1.27 million attack The average payments made through Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are increasing significantly, according to a new report APWG Phishing Activity Trends Report. While data breaches and ransomware […]

Iran-linked APT group Pioneer Kitten sells access to hacked networks

Iran-linked APT group Pioneer Kitten is now trying to monetize its efforts by selling access to some of the networks it has hacked to other hackers. Iran-linked APT group Pioneer Kitten, also known as Fox Kitten or Parisite, is now trying to monetize its efforts by selling access to some of the networks it has […]