WastedLocker Ransomware Attacks Against Large U.S. Corporations

A group of attackers called EvilCorp, according to the researchers of Symantec and NCC Group, have launched complex and sophisticated attacks against more than 30 large U.S. companies. Among the organizations involved are manufacturing companies, companies in the energy and chemical sectors, transport organizations and some entities in the healthcare sector. The attack downloads a […]

Targeted Malware Attacks Against U.S. Utilities

According to a recent article by a security company called Proofpoint, in the summer of 2019, traces of a malware attack were discovered, unnoticed for at least two months, targeting primarily U.S. utilities. According to the analysis, the attackers spread malware called FlowCloud, which was hidden in a portable executable file (PE file) during the […]

ICS Systems Targeted by Seven Different Families of Ransomware

FireEye has published the results of a rather interesting study, according to which financially motivated attackers (commonly referred to as cybercriminals) are increasingly beginning to extend their attacks to systems important in industrial process control after home users and enterprise IT systems. The researchers divided the ransomware targeting ICS systems into two groups according to […]

Last month’s huge leakage of 500 million Facebook users turns out to be quite a different story

Since the data leakage in early June of over half a billion private accounts from Facebook has a certain Cambridge Analytica vibe around it, we’ve tried to give a shot and find out how this dataset is being sold, who the vendors and the interested buyers are. The initial hint was that the dataset is […]