New Log4j attacks target SolarWinds, ZyXEL devices

Image: Possessed Photography // Unsplash Cybercriminals looking to capitalize on the Log4Shell vulnerability are attacking devices from SolarWinds and ZyXEL that are known to have used the Log4j library inside their software, according to two reports published on Wednesday by Microsoft and Akamai. The most urgent of these attacks are those spotted by Microsoft, which said it […]

New MoonBounce UEFI bootkit can’t be removed by replacing the hard drive

Security researchers from Kaspersky said on Thursday that they had discovered a novel bootkit that can infect a computer’s UEFI firmware. What makes MoonBounce—the name they gave the bootkit—special is the fact that the malware doesn’t burrow and hide inside a section of the hard drive named ESP (EFI System Partition), where some UEFI code typically […]

Israel police uses NSO’s Pegasus to spy on citizens

Mayors, leaders of political protests against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and former governmental employees, were among those tracked by police without a search or bugging warrant authorizing the surveillance Israel police uses NSO’s Pegasus spyware to remotely hack phones of Israeli citizens, control them and extract information from them, Calcalist has revealed. Among those […] Says ‘Incident’ Was Actually $30 Million Hack

The cryptocurrency platform initially called the hack “an incident.” Photograph: YinYang/Getty Images, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, confirmed that its users got hacked and that the hackers withdrew more than $30 million in cryptocurrency from the wallets of 483 users. The admission comes after the company initially downplayed the hack, […]

16 Best DDOS Attack Tools in 2022

What are DDOS attack tools? DDOS attacks are cyber- attacks targeted at rendering certain computers, network systems and servers non-functional. The processes involved in its execution can be however complicated. Attackers have to carry out a long series of actions that involve social engineering, data breaches and sometimes even system testing. Due to the sophistication […]